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Beckett Magazine is pretty well-known to sports collectors. For years, it's been one of the top "go to" guides for valuations and hobby news.


When editor Chris Olds put a call out in the early in 2011 for "Super collectors," the idea of being featured was pretty far-fetched. Some of the collections I've seen are beyond spectacular. I submitted, anyway.


Well, in the last quarterly rag, they featured 5 collectors who displayed singular goals for their collections. I got the heads up from a fellow collectors and headed out to pick one up. To my surprise,I saw  my LSU cap standing out on the top of Page 13. 

To a lot of people, this doesn't mean much, but - to me - it means accomplishment in a hobby that I will be able to pass along to my children so that, maybe, they can have something that ties them to a sport they will surely come to enjoy as much as their father -- Baseball.